Online Press Releases Can Have An Instant Effect On Search Results

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Online press releases can get a brand to quickly appear in natural search results. How do we know? Because we do it to promote our own Boulder-based online social media agency. Uploading an online press release can have immediate impact on a brand’s search results, both in getting a brand on page 1 of Google results, as well in adding credibility to searches for that specific brand name.


On Tuesday, we uploaded a press release on titled “Boulder’s SmartClick Adworks Expands Online Marketing Agency With Two New Hires.” We wanted to focus on the keywords, “Boulder,” and “Online Marketing Agency,” and so included those words in both the headline and body copy of the release.


Voila! On Wednesday morning, we did a quick Google search on the keywords “Boulder Online Marketing Agency” and were gratified to see that we now appear as number 8 on page 1 of Google’s natural search results. As a new company, with a new website, we would never have appeared in page 1 of the search results on these terms if it weren’t for this press release. Certainly, it would be great to have our actual website appear there, and that will come over time, but this is a great short term solution.



In addition to getting on page one for specific keywords, now, when you search our agency name, the press release from our website comes up as number 2 in search results. The press release from PRLog comes up as number 6. Having the release appear here just adds to the credibility of our brand. People can see that we’re out there, making real news and growing because of it.



We expect that the position in natural search results for this release will fall over time. This is why sending out online press releases more often, is key to keeping a company name in top natural search results all the time for their target keywords.


Online press releases are a great way to get a company to the forefront of search results and add credibility when people search on the company’s name. If your brand is struggling in a competitive category and needs to make some inroads on Google, contact SmartClick at (303) 641-7201.

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