SmartClick Drives Over $30 Million in Incremental Revenue for Clients in 2016

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – January 24, 2017 –

Salt Lake City and Denver-Based online marketing agency SmartClick Advertising announced today that the firm drove over $30 million in incremental online revenue for its consumer-brand clients in aggregate last year.

“And it wasn’t’ just about driving sales. We grew that revenue for clients profitably,” according to Glen Spencer, Managing Partner at SmartClick, “at an average of greater than a 7:1 return on ad spend.”

“$30 million is a HUGE number,” Spencer says, “many agencies make up for poor results by focusing on just getting new clients or winning awards. Many simply can’t or don’t know how to drive revenue profitably, and that’s the key for developing long term relationships with clients”

What makes SmartClick so different?

“Part of it is that the agency was founded by a client, says Spencer, a former Pepsico Marketing Director, so we think like a client. Everything we do is about driving return on investment. “

Another factor driving these results is SmartClick specifically hires not just for technical expertise in online marketing, but for intellectual curiosity – everyone innovates at SmartClick. At any given time, we’re testing 5-10 entirely new media types or software partners.

Perhaps even more important is that every employee is an owner in the company and even interns share in the incremental profits generated by the team. “The fact that everyone is maniacally focused on driving ROI, means that there’s no other agenda,” say Spencer, “we’re all working towards the same thing—driving big revenue numbers for our clients.”

These results for the upstart digital agency were based on an exhaustive client-by-client analysis. SmartClick looked at year end online sales numbers for each client and determined what the baseline revenue for each client would have been had SmartClick not been involved, and then subtracted total actual revenue for each client to get the incremental revenue number.


SmartClick Advertising is a digital advertising agency, founded in 2009, with offices in Denver and Salt Lake City, working with small and medium-sized consumer brands. SmartClick’s idea of fun is driving millions of dollars in revenue every year for our clients.

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