How To Build Fans On Facebook: Boulder Ad Agency Increases Clients’ Facebook Fans By Thousands

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BOULDER, COLO.- For brands struggling to figure out how to build fans on Facebook, online marketing agency, SmartClick AdWorks, has the answer. In just a few months, the firm has helped to build more than 6,000 new fans for restaurant operator Rodizio Grill and more than 8,000 new fans for women’s clothing company, Fresh Produce.

The Boulder online marketing agency uses a variety of innovative approaches to build fans on Facebook for their clients. SmartClick focuses on promotional strategies that provide an incentive to “like” the brand as well as strategies to promote the brand’s Facebook Page.

Smart Click has found that creating a promotional incentive for a fan to “like” the brand can dramatically affect the rate at which people will “like” a Facebook page. For women’s clothing client, Fresh Produce Clothing, they worked in deep partnership with the client to create a compelling brand-appropriate sweepstakes that required people to “like” the brand first before entering. For Rodizio Grill, America’s first Brazilian steakhouse, SmartClick built a special “like gate” tab on the brand’s Facebook wall, that
offers a free meal in exchange for liking the brand and providing an email address.

SmartClick has also found that actually promoting their client’s Facebook pages across multiple media, results in a lot more fans on Facebook for clients. To target new users of a brand they will use a combination of targeted Facebook ads, blog outreach to influential bloggers, and PR work with media outlets. SmartClick has also found that using a brand’s own customer email list, placing Facebook icons in multiple places on the client’s website, and utilizing offline tactics like flyers or mentions of the Facebook
fan page in the company’s phone greeting, can be tremendous resources to turn current customers into fans on Facebook.

“We’ve been really pleased at not just the quantity, but the quality of the Facebook fans we’ve been able to build for our clients. The number of monthly active users is up almost as much as the number of fans themselves,” said SmartClick AdWorks President, Glen Spencer.

About SmartClick AdWorks

SmartClick AdWorks is an online social media and search engine marketing agency based in Boulder, Colorado. They manage clients’ online marketing and advertising using cutting-edge technology and out-of-the-box thinking to build their clients’ online presences. Through creative approaches to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, viral web sites, online PR, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click marketing, clients are finding that hiring SmartClick AdWorks is far less costly than building an in-house marketing department. Contact Glen Spencer, President at 303-641-7201.

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