1 Tweet, 2 Tweet, Eat Rodizio Grill’s Meat. How 1 Tweet Can Land New Customers

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With all the social media buzz and chatter happening around the world, people still wonder; Does it actually work? Big social media campaigns with hoopla, prizes and tons of money can promote a brand instantly. But, sometimes, all it takes is two eyes and two ears to gain some brand awareness.  David and Goliath may have had a level playing field in the social media world, and today, David has the edge. Truly, the little examples are the best ones to prove that social media really does work. It is simple. Create a recipe that includes a cup of listening, a dash of searching and a teaspoon of creativity, and you can land a new customer in the span of 2 minutes-  then drizzle with chocolate.

A recent example we saw with Rodizio Grill’s Twitter page shows the power of doing the small things in social media. We searched around for Salt Lake City foodies and found someone with a food review site on restaurants in the city. We sent an simple @ message to them, telling them we liked their website, and would love if they came to Rodizio and gave us a try. Here’s what happened.




This Twitter user and foodie hadn’t thought about Rodizio Grill in years. Now, the brand is at the top of their mind. They might be excited that they got recognition for their site, and the fact that Rodizio Grill is welcoming them to come try their food and write about it. All it took was a few @ messages and keeping our eyes peeled. Who knows, Rodizio may get this food reviewer and his friends in one night, and after a review, thousands more may have the deliciousness of Rodizio on their minds too.

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