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Incremental Revenue

Over the past decade, 85% of clients who have stuck with SmartClick at least a year and who have spent at least $10,000 a month see an average revenue increase of 150% year over year. The essence of SmartClick is driving results for clients. We think like a client. When we grow revenue and profits for a client, we cheer.

Customized Plans

Part of the reason we drive such strong results for clients is that every single plan we execute for a client is completely custom. We use zero-based budgeting and build our custom plans based on each client’s specific needs and category.  Unlike most agencies, we’re able to draw off a hugely varied set of partners, programs, and tools.

Transparent Pricing

Each SmartClick plan includes a detailed budget, detailing exactly the costs you will pay each month. There’s no hourly rate and no surprises when you get your bill at the end of the month!

Long Term Client Tenure

A typical client works with SmartClick for years and years. Other agencies turn clients in a matter of 3 or 4 months. Our average client tenure is a testament to the fact the SmartClick drives great long-term results for clients.

Monthly Report Meetings

A key part of the client relationship at SmartClick is a call or meeting to present the monthly report. These meetings are essential, not just so the client can see that they’re getting a good return on investment, but because the Agency/Client interaction is so important to generating ideas and tweaks to make the current plan even better.

Deep Reporting

SmartClick reports in great detail 8-10 measures per media type. This allows you to understand the intricate relationships between the different measures, so you can better understand the dynamics of what is happening with your brand online. You’ll always know exactly how your results are trending versus last month and year ago.

Real-Time Reporting

We set up real-time reporting through Google Data Studio that is customized to your brand. This let’s you go in and check advertising performance whenever you’d like.

Google and Facebook Rep Access

SmartClick has continual access to real people at Google and at Facebook who are dedicated specifically to our clients. This means we can run programs and be involved in beta tests that other agencies don’t even know about.

Highly Trained Employees

Most media team members at SmartClick have marketing degrees, most have degrees specifically in online marketing. Our creative team is a mix of advertising and design people at the top of their fields.

Expert Level Agency Contacts

We want our clients to feel like everyone they talk with at SmartClick is an expert. As a result, we don’t have account executives, who tend add too much of a filter between the client and the agency. When you talk with someone at SmartClick they are either actually managing your ad account or creating your advertising and that means we communicate better.

Quick Email Response Times

We pride ourselves in responding to email in a matter of hours versus a matter of days.

Call Us Anytime

We love talking with and brainstorming with clients. The more we talk with each other, the more we’ll understand your brand and the more you’ll understand the nuances of the work we’re doing for you.

Low Employee Turnover

As of March 2018, it’s been over a year since we lost a full-time employee at SmartClick.  Our turnover over the past year has been literally 0.

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