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Grew brand sales 58% with youtube advertising

The Problem

Body Verde, a diversified brand of natural health and beauty aids needed to create some buzz and drive sales for a new product – a fast, waterless shaving cream called Speed Shave – with a minimal budget.   

The Action 

SmartClick created a video spot for the product that would both inform users and drive them to buy the product.

We knew the video was great, but in the online world any content piece is only as valuable as the audience who sees it. Given the small budget, it was absolutely key to hit a bulls eye with our targeting. Our research and early testing reveled that competition athletes who shave for their respective sports were the lowest hanging fruit in terms of target market.

So, we developed a dynamic, multi-layered advertising campaign using a diverse array of media buys. We launched Facebook ads & YouTube Pre-Roll ads to promote the video to cyclists and swimmers with great results.

The Result 

The campaign was a smashing success, quickly making Speed Shave one of the brand’s highest selling products. Total online revenue for the client rose by 58% in just 3 months thanks to the explosion of sales for the new, hot product.

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