What’s So Smart About SmartClick Advertising?

We're getting some truly remarkable business results for our clients because we focus on driving return on investment. We're not SEO people. We're not social media people. We're not airy-fairy creatives. We're marketers... and that makes all the difference.

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SmartClick is an innovative online marketing agency with an international client base, with offices in Boulder, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Google Paid Search Advertising

Based on the strategic objective, we run branded AdWords ads, set up feeds for product listing/Google Shopping ads at a high ROI, or non-branded ads to just drive awareness for your brand.

Facebook Advertising

We help brands build thousands of high quality Facebook fans. We set up sophisticated test cell targeting, and A/B test dark posts to optimize ad creative and drive awareness at very low cost.

Bing!/Yahoo Advertising

Now that Bing/Yahoo! combined, represent 50% of the size of the number searches on Google, we can use the Microsoft Ad platform to target a whole audience many advertisers have never tapped.

Display Advertising

We work across a number of ad platforms to place display ads both contextually, based on specific keywords on the page, as well as via specific placements we recommend for your brand.

Conversion Optimization

The best online marketing in the world, can’t compensate for a website that won’t convert. We work with your web team to design and A/B test alternative pages to optimize conversion rates for your site.

Retargeting Ads

Much of the awareness-building advertising that we do is designed to enroll consumers into one or more retargeting audiences, to show ads to past visitors to your site, driving huge ROI for clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is often the biggest online marketing lever a brand can push, and we can help your brand to effectively build an email list with quality names or harvest a high ROI with their list.

Video Ads

We’re experts at placing video ads on a number of video networks, including YouTube, and can even place an ad for your product to run before any specific video you choose, including competitors.

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*We are currently not accepting clients with a monthly spend of less than $5,000.

Our Team

We're a small team that pride ourselves on efficiency. We have an office in Denver, CO as well as an office in downtown Salt Lake City, UT.


We work with great brands. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do world-class work.

Where creativity, strategy & innovation click

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Case Studies

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Big Chill

Paid Search / Social Media


Paid Search

Bel-Rea Vet Tech Institute

Welding Supplies From IOC

Conversion Optimization / Paid Search


Conversion Optimization

Triangle Moving

Conversion Optimization / Paid Search

Bel-Rea Vet Tech Institute

Conversion Optimization / Paid Search

Bel-Rea Vet Tech Institute

Social Media

Fresh Produce


Rodizio Grill

Social Media

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Top 10 Reasons To Work With SmartClick

  • 1. An “anti-agency” that thinks like a marketer not an agency.
  • 2. Employees from top online marketing programs.
  • 3. Google AdWords Certified Partner.
  • 4. Access to beta tests of new ad types on Google and Facebook.
  • 5. Platforms like Perfect Audience that many brands can’t use.
  • 6. Clients from many categories leads to innovation.
  • 7. No account executives/talk directly with us.
  • 8. Monthly results-focused conference calls/meetings.
  • 9. World-wide advertising capabilities with multi-lingual staff.
  • 10. Focus on return on investment, which leads to RESULTS.